To Our Patients:

We have reopened our offices for both routine and emergency visits, and our staff and doctors are taking all necessary precautions to space appointments and ensure your safety. If you are experiencing any Covid 19 symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath/ difficulty breathing, cough, muscle aches, etc., please do not come into the office. According to the State health guidelines, anyone entering the office should wear a mask and maintain safe social distancing. In addition, we continue to offer Telemedicine visits as needed. As always, please call the office if there is anything urgent or if you have any questions about your upcoming appointment. Stay safe and healthy, everyone! Please follow us for more updates. We will get through this together!


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Specialized Foot and Ankle Care, Including Surgery

The team at the Foot & Ankle Specialists of South Jersey is dedicated to providing you with the care you both need and deserve.  Our facilities offer a wide variety of lower extremity treatments to enhance your well-being.

Common Conditions and Injuries Treated

• Ankle Instability
• Arthritic Foot and Ankle
• Athlete's Foot
• Blisters
• Calluses and Corns
• Crush Injuries
• Diabetic Foot
• Flat Foot Conditions
• Foot Deformities
• Fractures
• Geriatric Foot Care

• Gout
• Hammertoes
• Heel Spurs
• Infections
• Ingrown Toenails
• Injuries and Dislocations
• Neuroma
• Pain
• Pediatric Concerns
• Peripheral Neuropathy
• Plantar Fasciitis

• Poor Circulation, PVD
• Shin Splints
• Sports Related Injuries
• Sprains and Strains
• Swelling of Foot, Ankle and Leg
• Tendon Injuries and Repair
• Tendinitis
• Toe Conditions
• Toenail Disorders and Fungus
• Warts
• Wound Care

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Diagnostics and Specialized Treatments
At some Foot & Ankle Specialists of South Jersey locations, we offer the convenience of in-house treatment including:
Extra corporeal Shock Wave Therapy - A treatment for plantar fasciitis (heel spurs) which is performed in our Voorhees office; aimed at reducing painful symptoms

We have also had the pleasure and success of introducing to our office locations:

** REGENERATIVE MEDICINE ** - The newest effective non-surgical procedures / approaches with the potential to promote tissue healing, help restore or establish normal function and improve overall quality of life

  • Amniotic Membranes and Amniotic Fluid Injections - Use of tissue membranes or fluid taken from the placenta of healthy woman donors after live Cesarean section birth; the amniotic membrane and fluids protect the baby from harm and have natural healing characteristics which we use to accelerate healing in surgery, sports injuries and ulcers of the foot, ankle or leg 

  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) - An injectable treatment in which a person's blood plasma is enriched with his or her own platelets; aimed at speeding up the healing process for injured tendons, ligaments, muscles or joints

Diabetic Foot Care

Due to the possibility of foot problems associated with Diabetes, oftentimes caused by damaged nerves and reduced blood flow, proper foot care is crucial.  For this reason, we provide the following services to our patients.
• Diabetic Evaluation - Specific to patients with Diabetes

• Patient education and information sources

• Routine nail care and foot inspections

• Therapeutic shoes and custom orthotics

• Wound care

• Surgical care if needed

Person with Sore Foot - Custom Orthotics

Wound Care

The Foot & Ankle Specialists of South Jersey perform wound care each week, utilizing the least invasive methods necessary.  Our podiatric physicians perform direct, on-site care at The Center for Advanced Wound Healing in our Voorhees, NJ office location.  Our ultimate goal is to provide appropriate care, treat wounds -- especially those that have remained unhealing over a prolonged period of time -- and to prevent very invasive treatment, including surgery, whenever possible. 

Senior Foot Care

Our physicians perform podiatric healthcare for seniors in our offices.  While some of our patients temporarily or permanently reside in senior care facilities, we happily provide care to these individuals through direct, on-site visits at their respective locations.  For specific information regarding this service, please contact our corporate office.

Work Injuries

The Foot & Ankle Specialists of South Jersey provide expeditious treatment of people who have injured their foot, ankle or lower leg when performing work-related duties.  Our goal is to provide quality care, while returning the injured person to work as safely and quickly as is appropriate.  Appointments can be made for any office by contacting us.  Second opinions and Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) are also available upon request.

Custom Orthotics and In-Skate Orthotics

Orthotics, which are also known as shoe inserts, can be pre-made or custom-made.  Prescription orthotics are custom-made and help a person to stand, walk or run better by holding the foot in a corrected position, providing shock absorption and pressure relief, and alleviating painful symptoms specific to the individual.  Our physicians accurately mold casts of an individual's feet in our offices, then send the casts to a lab to finish the process.

We also offer the unique service of fabricating IN-SKATE ORTHOTICS.  This is a specialty service we provide, and the orthotics help a hockey player, figure skater or ice skater to optimize the fit, comfort and performance while wearing the skates.

Braces and Supports

When a person has pain, weakness or has had an injury, there are times when a brace or supportive device is appropriate.  Different types of devices offer varying degrees of support.  Our physicians are experienced in complex foot and ankle diagnoses and accurately match an appropriate device to the severity of the lower extremity problem.  We carry braces and supports on-site at our Voorhees location and can direct where to obtain devices when they are not available.

Medical Pedicures

We now offer medical pedicures to enhance your foot health! Services are performed by a Certified Medical Nail Technician, Ms. Leza Davis, trained in proper foot and nail care. Safe and hygienic care is guaranteed as the instruments are medically sterilized and files, buffers and gloves are discarded after each use. While medical pedicures can be enjoyed by all, they are especially recommended for people with Diabetes.


(Gift Certificates Are Available!)

Medical Pedicures
  • Classic $55.00
  • Mini $40.00
  • Paraffin $10.00
Foot Massage Services (relax muscles, relieve tension and increase energy flow with traditional therapeutic techniques and acupressure)
  • 25 minutes $40.00
  • 50 minutes $70.00
Corrective Nail Services 
  • Ingrown Toenail Correction (gently straighten and lift to reduce pressure) $35.00 each
  • Cosmetic Nail Correction (restore the appearance of damaged toenails):
    • Large Toenail $50.00 each
    • Small Toenail $20.00 each

Nail Restoration

Our office offers a toenail restoration option, which is a cosmetic aid for people with nail conditions caused by fungus, Diabetes or other toenail disorders.  Our podiatric physicians skillfully perform the restoration process to mold and create a flexible, yet durable, artificial nail by building off the existing nail bed.  This option also allows the use of other topical agents to treat fungal infections.

Foot Surgery

If you are coming to our office for a surgical consult or a second opinion, please bring all relevant films (X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans) and reports to your appointment. 

Our podiatric surgeons utilize an affiliated outpatient facility in Sewell, NJ -- Advanced Surgical Institute.  Otherwise, there are occasions when surgery is performed at Our Lady of Lourdes in Camden, NJ; this is primarily done for patients already in the hospital or for high-risk cases.

There are times when surgery becomes necessary for a number of reasons.  When it comes to the care of your foot, ankle or lower leg, and especially when surgery is indicated, please remember that our priority is YOU and that your concerns will be met!

Contact us at 856-435-4000 for comprehensive foot and ankle care.